You’re Not Fat... You’re Bloated!
Experience the Healing Power of Chinese Stomach Massage and
find Relief from Belly Bloat, Cramping, and Poor Digestion.
“A Game Changer”
Simple to use with results in just 10 minutes, Thousands have helped their gut through the belly ball massage.
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Sculpt your core and adjust the intensity with weight resistance from 2-8 LBS
The soft vinyl sphere provides continuous pressure for a gentle massage.
Say goodbye to bloating, cramping, and indigestion.
The belly ball folds and stores for easy travel.
Eliminate bloating, cramping, constipation, and poor digestion
The belly ball is the modern answer to the ancient Chinese stomach massages once used as a form of medicine. By promoting healthy digestion and eliminating bloating, the belly ball can help you feel better and live better every single day.
Innovative design
The Belly Ball is small in size yet dense in weight. The small diameter ball allows for a constant amount of pressure across a small surface area as the soft ball is rolled across the belly. This constant pressure combined with the soft ridges replicates the same techniques used by therapists who perform professional stomach massages.
Relief in 10 minutes
The Belly Ball massages away belly bloat caused by poor digestion and constipation with results in 10 minutes. Incorporate the belly ball into your daily routine for optimal results.
5 day results
“Blown away by the difference.”
“Love, love, love the Belly Ball! I am absolutely blown away by the difference it has made in the short time I've been using it. I was skeptical and debated ordering it for a while. I've tried all sorts of things to relieve my constant bloating, slow digestion, and infrequent bowel movements to no avail. The first time I used the Belly Ball I could feel an immediate difference afterward. It was nothing short of amazing! Honestly, I can't remember the last time my gut felt this good and I am excited to see how things improve long term.”
“The Belly Ball is amazing!”
“The Belly Ball is amazing! I use weekly it to relieve cramping, and bloating but it helps with regular digestion too. I had never heard of massaging your belly before so I was hesitant at first but after I used it and felt the instant relief and saw my bloated belly continue to shrink those first few weeks after birth - I was a sworn believer.”
“Belly Ball is mind-blowing!”
“Belly Ball is mind-blowing! I wish it was created years ago so I would have saved money and time not buying other products. Not only does it get your belly back on point it feels good while doing it which is not usually they case for any Also, when I’m constipated it helps, so more more buying Tums or any other antacid pills.It great to use a natural remedy to heal your body. My husband uses this as well. This is a great gift for a baby shower!”
“I love my Belly Ball!”
“I love my Belly Ball! I realize the "older" I'm getting, all these new digestive issues are occurring. Ex: lactose intolerance to dairy, and now certain foods are upsetting my stomach. THANK YOU so much for Belly Ball. I use it every night. Bonus: I also use it as my weighted ball for exercise! I work out my arms with it through different sets, I also squeeze it between my knees and do leg lifts, and also hold it centered while doing squats.”
Water-filled Belly Ball
Flat water-filled Belly Ball
  • Easily fills with warm water, portable, and perfect for travel.
  • Water-weighted massage relaxes abdominal muscles and stimulates natural digestion in just 10 minutes.
  • Available on Amazon.
Sale $39.99
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